Portrait of America is a nationwide project which aims to show the true face of modern America.

Amid the ongoing turmoil of the divisive presidential election and political climate, recent news, and the growing international refugee crisis, America is on the verge of enormous change and great disagreement with passionate beliefs on all sides of the discussion.

With uncertainty ahead, Portrait of America, seems now more relevant than ever.

Portrait of America aims to reflect on the unique history and diversity of our country through portraits of the people who live and work here – the people who define who we are and where we are going.


Show us what it means to be an American. Through your photographic images, we want to see the people, places, objects, and experiences that define America, to you. There are no restrictions to the subject matters you shoot. From family and friends, to selfies and environment, we welcome all subjects, all photographic styles, and all techniques. We simply want to see honest portraits that reflect the current realities defining our country.

The competition will select 100 winning images to be published in the 2nd edition Portrait of America book.

A selection of the best images will be displayed on bus benches and billboards across the country reaching millions of people. The winning images will be part of an exhibit in Los Angeles, and also be shown at partnering photo festivals.

Both working photographers and non-professionals are welcome to apply. Submissions are open to anyone with a camera who can show us the true face of America!